Card Manager

Practices that have integrated credit card processing with Valant can access the Card Manager to store patient credit cards for future use. The "Credit Card Charge" permission is required to edit the Card Manager. Valant does not store credit card numbers in the EHR. Valant receives a token from our processing partner for each unique credit card number and store details related to the token. Users can edit all details of a card entered into the Card Manager except the credit card number and the CVV. 

To access the Card Manager:

  • To access the Card Manager click Persons and Institutions | Patients| Balances. The Card Manager will be on the bottom half of the page
  • To add a card click New Card Entry 
  • Enter in the details of the card and billing information for the cardholder. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are supported credit card types. The billing fields will auto populate with relevant patient information, including email address. Guarantor will only be selectable if the patient has a guarantor associated with their account. Email for Receipt will auto-populate home email from the Contacts tab. If home email is empty but an email is in the work email, it will populate the email. Click OK.
  • When approved a banner will appear at the top of the page saying “Card successfully updated” if it is successful. If for some reason the card cannot be added the user will receive an error message. When a card is being added outside of a payment workflow the card number, CVV, expiration date, and billing information is validated with our processing partner. 
  • After the card had been added it will be visible in the “Card Manager” and users can click on the "Actions" drop-down to edit, delete, or view history of the card entry.

Cards stored in the Card Manager are not accessible through MYIO with Online Bill Pay. Cards Saved to the Card Manger via MYIO can only be accessed by the practice. The "Card Manager" tab will be available on every instance of the Automated Payment Processing" window. 

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