Multi-Signing FAQ

What are the available roles of a signer?

  • Owner: Can edit, sign, and also manage signers. Staff member cannot be an owner.
  • Signer: Requires both editing and signing. Staff member can be a signer.
  • Supervisor: Only requires signing.  No editing needed although allowed to. Can also manage signers (for V1: just view status of all signers of the document).  Staff member cannot be a supervisor.
  • Editor: A staff member who can edit a note (not required) but cannot sign.
  • Viewer: A user that can view the document (through preview) but cannot edit nor sign.

What is the difference between an Owner and a Supervisor?

Only Owners have the following capabilities and stipulations:

  • Delete a note in progress.
  • The user cannot be removed from the document.
  • Their role cannot be changed.
  • Supervisors do not have the options that are listed above.

What status options are available?

  • Not Edited: The provider has yet to make changes.
  • Edited/Pending: The note has been edited, but the document is not yet ready to be signed.
  • Ready to Sign: The document is ready to sign by provider.
  • Signed/Pending: The user has signed the document.

How can you tell if a document is a multi-signer document?

  • Multi-signer documents can be identified by the “Team” column of the list.
  • Any document with the name “Team” indicates that it is a multi-signer document and you are required to sign the document.
  • Documents which are not multi-signer will have "Self" listed under this column.

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