The Documents links are used to manage documents in the EHR


  • Practice Documents: Documents uploaded into Valant
  • Unsigned Documents: Appointment documentation started and saved, but not yet signed
  • Uninitialed Documents: Documents that need to be initialed by the currently-logged-in user
  • Unsigned eSignature Requests: View pending eSignature requests and send reminders to patients
  • Document Sessions: Add items to the EHR, such as notes and scanned images
  • Manage eSignature Packets: Create and edit eSignature Packets that can be sent to patients
  • Preview Chart Documents: Create PDF file of clinical notes signed by the selected provider during a selected time frame
  • Save Templated Documents: Manage changes back into the 'Unsigned Documents' tab of the EHR
  • Sign Templated Documents: Manage changes back into the EHR, apply eSignature, delete or move note to patient chart

Note: The maximum file size is 50 MB, and the total maximum upload size is 500 MB.

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