Prospective Patient Management Overview

Valant’s Prospective Patient Management is a set of tools that improves the process of bringing new patients into your practice and assigning a provider who will best meet their needs.

Prospective Patient Management Settings Video



Prospective Patient Forms: customizable, embeddable forms that prospective patients can fill out online to request services at your practice. Upon submission, the inquiry flows directly into your EHR.  

See Prospective Patient Management Setup and Configuration article for more information. 

Persons & Institutions | Prospective Patients: a database to easily manage all requests for services and track outreach to prospective patients. 

See Persons & Institutions | Prospective Patients article for more details.

Provider Match: An algorithm matching new patients with providers based on the patient’s treatment goals and preferences and the providers’ expertise, insurance contracts, and treatment profile.

Waitlist: a queue for managing patients and prospective patients who are waiting for an appointment to become available. It allows you to add both Patients and Prospective Patients to a waitlist when they are waiting for an appointment. Searching from the waitlist can also inform scheduling.

See the Waitlist article to help with use of this feature.


  • Using a URL shared on your website or online profiles, prospective patients fill out their request for services online.
  • New requests appear in Persons & Institutions | Prospective Patients in the EHR. Prospective patients can be manually added on this page. 
  • Review new prospective patients, document outreach attempts, and use Provider Match to find the optimal provider at your practice. 
  • Easily convert the prospect to a patient without the need for manual re-entry.


See Prospective Patient Management Setup and Configuration article for more information.

To start using Prospective Patient Management, confirm the following settings align with the needs of your practice: 

  • Customize lists of Treatment Types, Condition Types, and Appointment Types under Reference Data 
    • These lists populate fields in the Prospective Patient Forms, where the patient can request an appointment by type (e.g., in person vs. telehealth), enter the types of treatment they are interested in receiving, and share any specific conditions or previous diagnoses that they want to be seen for  
  • Customize the contents of the inquiry forms in Persons & Institutions | Practice | Prospective Patients
    • Choose which steps and fields are included in the forms 
    • Edit the page and section headers that appear while the forms are filled out 
    • Get the link to embed or share
  • Complete Provider Treatment Profiles under Persons & Institutions | Providers | Treatment Profile 
    • This step allows you to enter details about each provider’s level of experience with different conditions and treatment types and the patient populations that they treat 
    • These Treatment Profile details are used to help match new prospective patients to the provider who will best align with their treatment needs and preferences

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