How to Use Easy Nav

The Easy Nav button will appear throughout the Valant EHR. It is used to quickly create, view, or print items such as charges.

  • New: used to add new entries into Valant
  • Create Charge: used to create additional charges to the patient's account that fall outside of the regular appointment
  • Create Add-on Charge: used to create additional add on charges to the patient account
  • View/Edit Charges: this will display all patient transactions
  • View/Edit Charges (Patient Ledger): this will display all patient transactions
  • Transfer Patient Payment: this allows for the transfer of patient payment information
  • Print Patient Statement: this will display a dialog used to produce Patient Statements
  • Patients: navigates to Persons & Institutions | Patients for patient ID for editing - this is used to add a patient or filter for a patient or group of patients on criteria other than just the name 
  • Open Patient Chart: this is used to open a patient's chart

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