Clinical Measures

ARM-5 – Agnew Relationship Measure-5


The ARM-5 is a 5-item questionnaire designed to assess the client-therapist relationship. 

Special Instructions 

Once the patient has submitted it, you may preview it on the uninitialed documents tab in the EHR, and initial it to save it to the Patient Chart. If you want it to be pulled into your next Mobile Note, then do not initial it. 

Scores Produced 

  • Total Score (5-35) 
  • Mean Score (1-7)


Jane Cahill , William B. Stiles , Michael Barkham , Gillian E. Hardy , Gregory Stone , Roxane Agnew-Davies & Gisela Unsworth (2012) Two short forms of the Agnew Relationship Measure: The ARM-5 and ARM-12, Psychotherapy Research, 22:3, 241-255, DOI: 10.1080/10503307.2011.643253  

Note: This assessment is available to Valant customers within the EHR  

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