Release Notes 2023

Valant is committed to continually building new features, creating a better user experience and enhancing the performance of the EHR. Our goal is to ensure that your practice can run efficiently and bring the best care available to your clients. The Release Notes will show you what is new in Valant and improvements we have made.

January 25, 2023 Release


  • An error that caused service unit calculation to be inaccurate when units were manually edited was resolved. 


  • An issue affecting accounts that do NOT use the Pending Transaction Queue caused the billing ids for new charges to increase by 2 instead of 1. The affected time range was July 2022 - January 2023. This has been fixed, and did not affect billing data, claim submission, or payments. 
  • The process for deleting very large patient statement files from the Report Queue has been updated to prevent users from seeing an error message and being unable to delete the row. 


  • Portal Requires Validation will no longer show up under Dashboard | Action Items or in the Persons & Institutions | Patients grid in the Portal Status column. 

Patient Communications 

  • An error that caused the Final Appointment Reminder to not go out on exact time intervals was resolved. 


  • An issue that caused the Audit Log-User Access report to show some inaccurate data was corrected. 

January 12, 2023 Release


  • An issue that allowed some patients to submit appointment requests for appointment slots that had already been scheduled was resolved.


  • The Create Add-on Charge page has been updated to include the unit and modifier fields for add-on codes. See Create Add-On Charge article for details. 
  • The Create Charges page has been updated to include the unit and modifier fields for add-on codes, and to allow users to quickly create multiple charges. See Create Charges Outside of Scheduler article for more information. The Biller Tools | Batch Add Charges page and link was removed from the left navigation menu. The functionality is now available in Billing | Create Charges
  • An enhancement was added to the way that eligibility results are formatted for individual patient eligibility checks. 
  • A formatting issue that caused some provider information from being incorrectly formatted on patient statements was resolved. 
  • An error that caused the PTQ to reflect an incorrect patient payment value was fixed. 
  • An issue that caused some Credit Card details to be missing from prepayment receipts was fixed. 
  • An error that showed options related to Enhanced Billing Validation when the module isn't turned on was resolved. 
  • An error that caused some prepayment transfers when there is no prepayment balance was resolved. 
  • New Patient Statement Type option was added: "Balance Forward, include pending and outstanding charges". See Creating Patient Statements article for more information. 


  • An issue that caused some unsigned Practice Documents in the patient portal was resolved. 
  • An error that caused some unsigned documents from being opened in Mozilla Firefox was resolved.

Mobile Notes Measures 

  • An error that caused some measures not to appear in some Mobile Note templates was resolved. 
  • An error that caused the Clinical History form from not pulling into Mobile Notes for some clients was resolved. 
  • New Mobile Notes measure added: ARM-5 – Agnew Relationship Measure-5


  • Removed the requirement for patients to enter their security questions during a password reset. 
  • Idle timeout for MYIO Browser increased to 60 minutes. 
  • Enhancements were made to MYIO ensuring users are not automatically logged out while actively completing eSignature. 

Patient Communications 

  • Added the ability for the practice to select a date that the system will use to only send reminders to patients that were created AFTER the selected date. See Patient Communications – Reminders article for more details. 


  • An error that caused users without Reference Data Permission from viewing the Practice tab was resolved.

Secure Messaging 

  • Initiating a Secure Message from EasyNav was created to allow for quicker access to sending a message to a patient. 
  • An error a small group of users experienced when composing a secure message was resolved. 
  • An error that caused the Dashboard count of Unread Secure Messages to be incorrect was resolved.  

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