Patient eSignature View

Email Verification

To be eligible for eSignature the patient must have a configured Patient Portal Account and a verified email address.  Patients without a verified email can use MYIO but they are not eligible for eSignature. Users can send a request for eSignature to a patient without a verified email, but they cannot sign until their email is verified.     

From their MYIO account a patient can verify their email by clicking Account Settings | Change Login or Email | Verify My Email.

 This will send an email to the patient that they will need to click a link to complete validation.

Email verification can take place before or after the eSignature Request is sent to the patient. If a request is sent before verification there will be a notification on the Patient Portal "Home" page, and "Practice Paper Work" page” to verify the email before allowing eSignature.

Patient View of eSignature

When a patient with an eSignature request logs into their Patient Portal they can see pending requests on their home page. They can click the link to access the documents. Or they can also click on the "Practice Paper work" tab to view Unsigned Forms.  

  1. Patients will need to click on the hyperlink text which will feature the packet display name. If multiple packets are included, all of the display names will be listed, and separated by a comma.
  2. This will open the eSignature request. Patients should click the Get Started button on the top right to take the user to the first field to be completed. 
  3. When the eSignature text box is selected another menu will appear with different options for the patient to complete the request.

When the text box is selected another menu will appear with a number of different options for the patient to complete the request. 

    4. Patients have the option when signing:

  • Draw in the text box with their mouse
  • Type in their signature and have options to edit the font
  • Upload an image of their signature
  • Use smartphone allows users to take a photo of their signature and email it to with a unique code in the subject line. 

    5. Click Insert and complete all other required fields

    6. After the document has been completed patients will click Continue on the top of the page

    7. Next the patient will be prompted to click I agree button to confirm. This will complete the eSignature request and send the document to the patient chart as well as upload a copy of the document to MYIO. All documents signed by patients are available under "Signed Forms" section on the “Practice Paper Work” page. After a signature is completed the patient will receive an email confirming the signature and contain a link back to the portal. Signed documents are sometimes not immediately available through MYIO and are usually processed in a few minutes.

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