Telehealth FAQ

What is Valant Telehealth?

Valant Telehealth is a HIPAA compliant video conferencing solution for a provider to video conference with a patient through Valant. Providers will start the session directly from the scheduler and patients from their MYIO account.

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How much does telehealth cost?

Valant offers two integrated telehealth plans with unlimited usage. Know exactly what you’ll be paying each month with no surprises or hidden fees.

Practice-Wide Plan: keep your telehealth processes consistent across your practice.

Choose-Your-Seats Plan: pay only for as many providers as you need. Gain the flexibility of signing up a select number of providers.

Inquire about telehealth pricing by managing your subscription.

How can I sign-up for Valant Telehealth?

If you are interested in signing up for Telehealth, please ensure your Account Signatory has signed the Customer Addenda previously sent.

Submit your request by navigating to the subscription portal and selecting ‘Add a service or module’ from the drop down. Then, select ‘Telehealth’ and ‘Sign Up for Telehealth’. 

What browsers are supported?

Providers, patients, and guests can join telehealth on either browser supported by Valant IO for telehealth delivery (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge). When possible, make sure you are using the most updated version of an internet browser. Using older versions can cause some issues with Telehealth. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are not supported browsers for Telehealth. Patients will receive a message telling them so if they try to join a session in a non-supported browser.

Screen sharing and drawing on the virtual whiteboard are not supported in the mobile MYIO app. Content shared by other users can be viewed through MYIO. Other telehealth features should function in the mobile user MYIO app.

How will I notify my patients about  video conferencing/telehealth?

  1. If the practice has Valant’s Patient Portal, they may use the Secure Messaging functionality to communicate with each patient. 
  2. The practice may utilize Patient Communications tools to send Telehealth Appointment Reminders or Broadcast Messages.
  3. Practices can get a list of patient emails by running a Facesheet report from the CSV drop-down in System Reports. This report exports all patient demographic information including email into a comma-separated-value (CSV) spreadsheet that can be opened in Microsoft Excel. 

How many participants can join a telehealth session?

Sessions support up to 30 total participants including one provider, one or more patients, and one or more guests invited to join the meeting using a Guest Access link. 

How can I learn how to use Telehealth?

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How can I troubleshoot on my specific device?

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