Internal Notes

The Internal Note is a way for users to quickly communicate non-clinical information not included in the patient chart in a text field that displays on the patient chart just below the clinical information. The purpose of this feature is to act similarly to an external note on the outside of a paper chart. It is a tool to use at the discretion of the practice in conjunction with a practice defined process. Patient Clinical Charts permission is needed to view and edit the note.   

Open the chart from the top left of the navigation bar.

The Internal Notes field will be visible just below the clinical information.

To add a note, enter text into the text box and click Save. The text will remain until it is removed.

To remove text, delete it from the text box and click Save.

The content of Internal Notes is not audited.  The actions audited are when a user adds, deletes, or edits the note.  If needed, this information is available upon request.  The ability to view the Internal Notes audit of actions taken will be delivered in a future release.

Note: The "Internal Notes” feature is a Valant application being provided as part of the Valant system. Customer understands this feature is provided by Valant subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement between Valant and customer relating to the provision of the Valant system (“agreement”) with such terms and conditions including, without limitation, the disclaimer and use of professional judgement as set forth in the agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, and as more fully reflected in the agreement, this feature is provided on an “as is” basis without warranty of any kind or nature and Valant fully disclaims any responsibility or liability for any use, consequence, loss, damage, injury or claim arising out or otherwise related to the use of this feature by customer and its personnel, healthcare professionals, licensees, and other customer authorized users (collectively, “users”). Customer acknowledges and agrees that it is solely responsible for the use of this feature by customer and such other users; moreover, it is the sole responsibility of customer to ensure that such use by customer and its users complies with all applicable laws and regulations, on  a federal and state basis (including without limitation the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996, as amended), pertaining to patient medical records, electronic medical records, electronic health systems, clinical notes, interoperability, protection and privacy of patient healthcare information, and other notes and narratives related to any patient treatment, care or diagnosis. Customer further understands that any content or other information input and/or stored in the “Internal Note” feature by customer and/or its users will not be added, either automatically as a Valant system feature or manually by Valant, to the medical record maintained in the Valant system and any placement of such content and information into such medical record or removal or deletion of such content and information from the “Internal Note” feature shall be at the sole responsibility of customer and its users in their respective determination and professional judgement. 

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