Patient Selector

The most common way to access a patient chart from any page in the EHR is to use the "Open Chart" patient selector on the navigation menu. The drop-down will show all patients and the field can be narrowed by searching the patient name, DOB or SSN. Users can scroll through a list of patients to open the chart or click on a patient name. This selector is used in a lot of different areas in the EHR to allow you to access patients from a list. 

The name search works in the following priority when searching by name:

  1. Exact matches on the first name will be sorted alphabetically
  2. Exact matches on the last name will be sorted alphabetically
  3. First names that start with the search text will be sorted alphabetically
  4. Lastly "close matches" will be sorted alphabetically (i.e., exact match on preferred name, last name starts with the search text, or the name is very similar to the search text,1 character off)

The width of results shown on the patient selector can vary from 235 pixels to up to 520 pixels depending on the length of the patient names loaded. As a user scrolls through the list the width may change to up with 520 pixels to view all or most of names that may be longer.

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