Patient Chart Overview

This is an overview of the information contained in a patient chart.

  1. From the Dashboard Click the Open Chart drop-down
  2. Select patient from the drop-down, this will open in a new tab in the EHR

The home page of the patient chart has different sections with links to other areas of the patient chart.

  • Billing Diagnoses: shows all active diagnosis
  • Previous Appointments: last three appointments
  • Upcoming Appointments: next three appointments (up to 180 days in the future)
  • Documents: last four notes, including intake note and three progress notes
  • Medications: active medications
  • Allergies: active allergies
  • Pending Lab Requests: list of pending lab requests
  • Patient Tasks Due: list of tasks that are due
  • New Medication: add a new medication
  • New Allergy: add a new allergy
  • New Lab Request: create new lab request
  • New Patient Task: create a patient task

 To access more detailed information, click on a specific item on the navigation menu of the chart.

Here is a list of definitions for each tab in the patient chart:

  • Overview: summary of the patient's chart
  • Diagnosis: access to all active diagnosis
  • Documents: access to all documents associated with the patient. Note: The maximum file size is 50 MB, and the total maximum upload size is 500MB.
  • Medications: list of all active / discontinued allergies
  • Lab Requests: list of all tasks and goals
  • Measurements: preview of all measurements
  • Family History: List of family members / associated psychiatric problems
  • Lab Panels: list of all lab results
  • Codes: list of each charge and associated CPT code
  • Image Results: list of all image results
  • Transfer of Care: list of incoming summary of care / outgoing transfer of care
  • Measures: list of all scheduled and on-time measures issued
  • History: audit log of all activity in patient chart

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