How to Order eLabs


  • Practices who want to add a new eLab facility to an existing account or add eLabs for the first time will not be able to due to the Change Healthcare cyber attack. Updates will be provided as they are available.
  • Practices who had eLabs set up prior to February 21, 2024 will be able to follow the steps in this article for existing eLab facilities.

To order eLabs:

  1. Open the patient chart for the patient
  2. Click Lab Requests tab or "New" next to Pending lab Requests
  3. Click New eLab . This will cause the Lab order window to open in a new tab in Change Healthcare.

  1. Set order type: 
    • PSC: Patient service center will collect specimen.
    • Standard: Lab will collect specimen.
    • Reccuring: Not applicable to Valant at this time. 
  1. Verify patient demographics.
  2. Fill out the order information.
    • Lab Order: If you have more than one lab indicate which lab
    • Operator: this is the person entering the lab order.
    • Ordering physician: who is ordering the lab work.
    • Client Facility: if the practice has more than one facility.
    • Collection date and time: defaults to today, used when specimen is collected at the practice.
  1. Input Test codes:
    • Tests can be searched for by clicking on the binoculars icon, then using the name of the test, panel, or by code.
    • The test code is specific to the Lab.
    • Labs and panels can be saved to Preferences, these will appear below the search window for quick access.
  2. ICD Codes
    • Tests can be searched for by entering a code in the text box. 
    • Diagnosis codes can be saved to Preferences, these will appear below the search window for quick access.
  1. Instructions/comments:
    • Not required, fill out as needed
  1. Once complete click Validate Order.
  1. The Validation screen will give you a preview of the lab order and allow you to print a labels if collecting the specimen at the practice. Once verified click Print and Send.

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