Integrated CC Transactions Report

The Integrated CC Transactions report is a report that is available in the Report Center that shows the user a list of transactions with integrated credit card processing in Valant IO. The report can be found under the Reports | Report Center | Integrated CC Transactions.

The report has two grouping options: 

Transactions: this grouping will show all Elavon transactions. The date range filter used is the Transaction Date Range.

Transactions & Charges: this grouping displays the dollar portion of the transaction that was applied to the associated charge.

This report will post details about transactions and include transaction date, amount, and transaction status. If the report is grouped by "Transactions & Charges", the credit card payments applied to the charge will appear below the transaction line in a grey row. If the report is grouped by "Transactions", the credit card payments applied to the charge will not show on the report. The Patient ID is a hyperlink that can be clicked to go directly to View/Edit Charges for the patient. The Tx Origin (a column to the far right of the report) will identify if payment was made by the practice (Auto CC) or patient portal (Online Bill Pay). The report shows the last four numbers of the card. 

In the shaded area above the report data, there are a number of filters available to narrow down the list of payments if desired. 

Note: This report will only show transactions from Valant IO. Also, this report may show credit card credits of negative amounts, in the event there is a failed credit being applied to a card.  

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