Patient Communications Phonetic Provider Name

We have added a phonetic field to help with the pronunciation of the provider's name.  To access this feature click on Persons & Institutions | Providers. Select a Provider and enter the desired text in the "Audio Reminder Name" field in the "Provider" tab.

This is a field used to phonetically pronounce the name of the Provider in the appointment reminder recordings.

Example: "Tai Nguyen" is pronounced "Tie Win". Simply type "Tie Win" in the field.

Testing of various word combinations may be required to get the desired result. This field can also be used to state something other than the provider's name in the message if desired. Example: Pike Market Clinic

Provider Name on Texts and Email reminders pull from the Persons & Institutions | Providers | Display Name field. Note: some practices do not include any credentials or other language that contains any potential PHI.  

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