Payroll Rate By Transaction Code Payments Collected

This report is available in the Report Center.

The purpose of the report is to filter payments collected by rendering provider billing type, and payment rates per procedure code (up to 15). If payroll reporting for three different provider billing types and each provider billing type there are up to 15 different transaction codes/rates upon which their pay rate is calculated. For Example the may run the report as follows: 

  1. Provider Billing Type Cohort 1: MD
    1. 90834: 65% payments collected
    2. 90837: 55% payments collected
    3. 99214: 70% payments collected
    4. 90792: 58% payments collected
  2. Provider Billing Type Cohort 2: LCSW
    1. 90834: 60% payments collected
    2. 90837: 50% payments collected
    3. 99214: 65% payments collected
  3. Provider Billing Type Cohort 2: Master’s Level Clinician
    1. 90832: 45% payments collected
    2. 90876: 30% payments collected
    3. 99212: 25% payments collected

Only one rendering provider billing type should be selected: there are 6 "cohort" groupings of the report in the "Group By" drop-down so that each one can be set up for a different rendering provider billing type. 

Note: The report is displaying payments collected based on the rendering provider who provided the service.

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