MYIO Overview

MYIO is Valant’s patient portal and is an included feature for all Premium and Power subscriptions. The patient experience is easy and engaging with a user-friendly interface and simple, self-managed setup. Secure Messaging is enhanced and is similar to any email client experience.

Click on the links to see details about the functionality of MYIO and Secure Messaging.

Get Started and Manage Accounts with MYIO 

MYIO Appointments 

MYIO Billing 

MYIO Forms and Documents 

MYIO Resources for Patients 

Secure Messaging Overview and FAQ

Secure Messaging Setup and Management

Secure Messaging Shared Inboxes 

Prepare for MYIO Webinar On-Demand

Prepare for MYIO Patient Portal FAQs

Setting Up Your New Secure Messaging for MYIO Webinar On-Demand

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