MYIO Resources for Patients

The resources linked in this article will help you inform your patients all about MYIO. If patients have additional questions regarding MYIO, they should reach out to their provider or care team.

The MYIO app and web browser are HIPAA compliant and backed by market-leading secure cloud infrastructure.  We are continuously improving MYIO and encourage everyone to ensure their app is up-to-date for the best patient portal experience.

Our MYIO User's Guide provides your patients with a clear and detailed explanation of MYIO. The guide includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions on setting up MYIO on both browser and mobile versions of MYIO
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Troubleshooting guides to help them through any problems
  • Details about all the MYIO features

Whether your patients are just getting started or looking to make the most of MYIO, this guide is the go-to resource. Patients new to MYIO will receive a link to this guide in their invite to MYIO email or text message. Embed it within your website and distribute it to your patients today.

MYIO User's Guide

MYIO Patient Onboarding Video

Sample patient letter [pdf]

Printable QR code to download MYIO 

Digital download poster

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