Transfer Patient Payments

Payments can be transferred from one patient to another or from one charge to another for the same patient.

  1. Click Billing | Transfer Patient Payment
  2. Select a patient
  3. Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  4. In the note field, enter the date of service to transfer money
  5. Click on Get Transactions

  1. Select the date of service (DOS) from which to transfer money
  2. Click on Next

A list of charges will appear to choose from that the unapplied money can be assigned to. The unapplied money will show in the top-right corner. This action cannot be completed until this box reads $0.00. All charges that actions have been applied to will show in bottom screen
Note: The screen in this step will default to the originally selected patient in the drop-down list, but can be changed to a different patient when transferring balances from one patient to another.

  1. Enter dollar amount in the yellow apply box of the specific charge
  2. Click on Save

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